Code Enforcement

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Lee Standley is the City of Crockett’s Code Enforcement Official and Zoning Official.

Code enforcement duties involve responding to complaints from the general public regarding code violations, including public health nuisances, illegal dumping, and abandoned/junked vehicles and making routine inspections of neighborhoods to identify properties and automobiles out of compliance with code and structures that may need to be demolished, taking necessary action to correct violations in a professional manner, including tagging abandoned/junked vehicles, participating in municipal court or holding hearings as needed, and presenting information to the Buildings and Standards Commission.  Zoning official duties involve accepting and reviewing applications for zoning changes and specific use permits and presenting information to the Planning and Zoning Commission. 

Some examples of code violations include high grass and weeds, abandoned vehicles on private property, falling fences, dirty pools with mosquitoes, and junk and clutter on private property.

If you know of a potential code violation, you may report it by calling us at 936-544-5156 Ext. 207

Staff Contacts

Fire Marshal / Building Official / Code Enforcement Officer
936-544-5156 Ext. 207