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The Animal Control Officer of the City of Crockett is responsible for enforcing the provisions of Chapter 4 of the Crockett Code relating to animals and fowl. Upon receipt of information of an alleged violation, the officer investigates the report and makes a determination if the city code has been violated.

The officer is authorized to enter upon any lot, tract or parcel of land for the purpose of seizing and impounding any animals or fowl found therein in violation of Chapter 4.

Some examples of Chapter 4 code violations include depriving an animal of necessary food or water, unsanitary maintenance of pens and enclosures, harboring more than five (5) cats or three (3) dogs on premises at any one time, allowing a dog to run at large, or attaching a tether to a dog in a manner as to cause injury or discomfort to the dog, or in a manner that otherwise violates the provisions of Chapter 4.

If you know of a potential code violation that is not an emergency animal cruelty situation (call 911 for emergency cruelty situations), you may report it by calling  the police department at 936-544-2021 and choose Option 2, or by submitting the form below. You may upload photos in the form.

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